Photo Collage of a Beauty Photography Session

What fun to combine a few photos with the same theme and create a collage. These combinations are great for when it comes to selecting a large Fine Art Wall Portrait for your home. I have many elegant ideas, take a look at the Investment page to see what I offer in Products .

Natural Beauty Photo

Lots of tulle brings out the natural beauty of a feminine spirit. Sometimes the more simple the wardrobe the more beauty shows through. Simple easy hair and light touch of make-up accomplishes that natural beauty to glow.

Fantasy Photo Shoot – Queen of Hearts

Fantasy Photo shoot

If you are up to it, I might come up with an idea for a Fantasy Photo Shoot along with your Beauty or Glamour Photo Session and you will be featured on my website! Sue was up for anything, what a wonderful attitude, thank you!

Feminine and Beautiful Poses

Simply Beautiful

There is beauty in simple poses which focuses on the mood and gracefulness of the feminine side of any woman. I will bring out the beauty I see and I’ll show you that beautiful side of you. I’ll guide you how to move, how to place your hands and what to wear.

Vintage Photo Look

Creativity is fluid, you start out with an idea and suddenly it invites you to explore other possibilities. We began with the mermaid idea and photographed different poses and then it took one look from Amy and it opened up to a different mood, I love it.

Fantasy Photo Shoot

creative composite mermaid

Nothing is stopping us from creating a fantasy photo shoot. Want to be a mermaid? No problem, I’ll bring my fabrics, handmade jewelry, use my photoshop super powers and we’ll create a fantasy world. Let me play with some ideas or let’s talk about yours ahead of time and we’ll make it happen.

Fashion Style Photography

Your are famous, you are to your family and friends, why not make be on a magazine cover. At Kika Photos the possibilities are endless with some Fashion Style Photos. We will choose the perfect pose to appear on a magazine cover just like the real models.

Just for him

Boudoir Photography can be fun and sexy with just his shirt! Vero was a blast to photograph not only did she let me try different style but she came with some ideas she wanted to try as well. I’m always open to new ideas and creating something that is something my client has in mind.

Boudoir Fun Session

Boudoir Photography by Kika Photos

Boudoir Photography doesn’t have to mean wearing lingerie , it can be a husband’s leather jacket or his favorite shirt. It’s not only so much fun to create these personal meaningful photos but also it’s fun to present these gifts to your someone special .

More Photos

Black and White photography

Black and White Photography can add a pop or set a mood. Some photos lend themselves to convey better in a Black and White photo.

All that Sparkles

Gold sparkles and brings out the fun and glamour of a beauty portrait session. Hand made jewelry and dress is part of my props for Kika Photos Studio. this beautiful gal made them shine!

Beauty and Talent

Beauty and Talent

Emotion is the key to a great portrait. I gently direct each client, making them feel comfortable in front of a camera . Aida has both Beauty and Talent and she can convey different moods from her experience as a singer on stage and this inspires my imagination to come up with added effects to enhance her portrait. Creative Portraits are the perfect way to express a special emotion or passion.

Beauty Session Photography

Beauty Session Photography

This young lady is no stranger to performing on stage. She is a natural, she is animated, funny and her voice is astounding. We began this Beauty Portrait Session with some makeup and easy hair styling and then to the photo session that included my handmade jewelry and dresses, but it was Aida that shined in front of the camera! We had a lot of fun creating photos that she will cherish and make a difference in her family.