Feminine Beauty

Feminine Beauty

Women have many facets to their character, one of those is being Feminine. It’s so much fun to bring this side of women out in photos. It’s fun to play in Tutus also!

Before and After

Had the pleasure to photograph Courtney in my studio this last week. She is an aspiring model with a sweet spirit. We got many great photos from this session which  I’ll post soon.


A “Before and After” shot compares the difference between coming to the studio “as your are” and your final image. Fashion style posing, beauty lighting and just plain fun results in images you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family. Anita said she was going to hang and frame them on her wall at home.


An example of a “before and after” photo of Gaby. She said the attention to her hair, make-up and the studio photo session made her feel pampered and beautiful. Gaby was on vacation with her sister Anita, the two of them alone. I can imagine what a special bond they’ve developed traveling together after so many years of raising their own families. This trip and the session was a celebration and a treat for retiring from her government job. I noticed how sweet they were to each other during the photo session,  I’m sure this trip and this session will be a memorable time in their lives.

Sisters, always friends

These two sisters were so fun to photograph. Having families back home they enjoyed spending time just the two of them together on this trip to San Diego. These portraits will be priceless to their families and treasured by each other in the years to come.

Sisters, your very first childhood friend and second mom. These two traveled together from South America to visit relatives in San Diego. One is a free spirit and the other is slightly more reserved, a wonderful combination for sisters. You decide who is who. They said “we know we are different, but we respect and love each other”. Sister portraits, it’s a gift to each other.

Sweet and Sexy

What better gift for your groom-to-be or loved one than a glamour photo session that portrays you right now? In the comfort of a private studio we can create images that are sweet and sexy just for him.

A bride is always beautiful

A blushing bride is so beautiful. The emotion of a soon to be bride is so sweet and in my studio we can take our time to capture the those feelings of what the future will bring.

Soon to be a Bride

In a calm relaxed studio we took the time to create a bridal portrait, away from the busy wedding day. What a beautiful presentation to give your groom and yourself. Either bring your wedding gown or we’ll create one, like we did with this soon-to-be-bride.

For the Love of music

She told me she remembers being sick in bed when she was 5 years old and the only thing that made her feels better was her Mom singing to her. She knew then that music would be her passion. What a beautiful memory that inspired a young girl to become the talented singer that she is today. I wanted a portrait that would sing on photographic paper of her passion.