Before and After Glamour Photos: Women need to exist in photos in a beautiful way

I truly believe every woman needs to have a beautiful portrait of herself. It’s my passion to create beautiful photos that will be treasured by my client and her family and friends. Take time out to be pampered and have fun for one day playing the model of your dreams in magazine style portraits that you’ll fall in love with who you are and you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Professional Beauty Photography

Professional Beauty Photography

As a Professional Beauty photographer in the North County of San Diego, I love to bring out the beauty of each and every client.It’s a combination of clothing and color of clothing, hair and makeup and understanding which poses looks best for my present client. I look for beauty through my lens and try different styles, poses with my easy direction. Contact me to plan your Beauty Session, Be beautiful now, Exist in Photos.

Magazine Style Photo

Anyone can look great with the right poses. At Kika Photos Studio I strive to bring out the best in you with Fashion Magazine Style Poses. In this photo Courtney could be the new model the front cover of a magazine with this Magazine Style Photo.

Beauty Photography Collage

Beauty Photography is my passion, which inspires me to give my clients beautiful photos of themselves. I took two photos of Courtney from her Beauty Session and made a collage to depict her love for dancing.

Before and After : Melody

This Classy and Fabulous woman was a dream to photograph! We captured professional image styles from a Contemporary Woman Look to a Magazine Fashion Style Look, lots of fun in kikaphotos studio!

Before and After Glamour: Vero

It’s so exciting to have someone drive down here from L.A. to North County San Diego to specifically do a Glamour Photography session with kikaphotos to surprise her husband for their anniversary. We had a great time with hair and make-up, wardrobe changes and sexy poses just for him!

Before and After Beauty : Sue

We laughed and had so much fun for this Stylish Studio Photography Session! It was not only Glamour  photography but this session also included a splurge of creative fun! She said, I’ll do whatever you want”, so we draped fabrics, threw tulle in the air, and pretended we were in the Gatsby’s era, anything goes at kikaphotos!


Young and graceful, there is beauty at any age, whether you are young or young at heart my camera will bring out the beauty that I see through my lens.