Welcome to Kika Photos, I am a Glamour Portrait Photographer. I named the company after my mom’s childhood nickname and mine. I’m Cristina Krause owner and photographer for Kika Photos, I’m looking forward to meeting you.

I’ve had many adventures in my early years after graduating from U.C.S.D.  I traveled throughout South America, climbed Machu-Pichu, stood next to a Moai on Easter Island, married and raised a family, I’ve played musical instruments and had a mandolin group, I’ve taught, I’ve oil painted on canvas, and through all this and more, never did I put my camera down. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 35 years with experience in making people look and feel their best. Whether I was photographing a bride on her wedding day, orchestrating a family portrait or business headshot, memorable and professional images were my priority. These days my main focus, pun intended, is women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography in my North County home studio in San Diego.

With the experience of being an artist and photographer for years, I bring my creativity and expertise in both fields to the studio to wow my clients. The change to photographing women of all ages in my studio is that I truly believe that every woman needs to exist in photos in a beautiful way. It is my passion to create beautiful elegant photographs that will be treasured by my clients and her family and friends.

My studio is located in Escondido, California in the Elfin Forest area, in the comfort of my little 100 year old home. Here the transformation begins with light make-up, easy hairstyles and plenty of creative fun. I want my female clients to feel pampered, classy and beautiful, and for my male clients to feel masculine and handsome.

Personal Branding is the new “headshot”,  I can help you in your business as well by creating stunning professional images that will communicate who you are in a new way to promote your career, passion or business.

Sessions are by appointment only ( contact me ) and we’ll spend about 2 hours, early daylight is the best time, since I use continuous lighting. This gives us plenty of time for hair and make-up and wardrobe changes and capturing the stunning you in the best light and flattering poses that I see through my lens.

I want you to know; that your weight is the least interesting thing about you.

You’re more than your hands do.

You’re more than your hands have.

You’re more than how other hands measure you. 

You are what is written on God’s Hands:

Safe. Held. His. Beloved.

-Ann Voskamp

You are not the size of your jeans or dress size, You are the love you have for others, the love that shines through your eyes, the doorway to your heart, you are the laughter you bring, the warmth in your hugs the knowing that you are part of a family and part of life with your circle of friends. You exist right now, love yourself right now, embrace it. Let’s celebrate this new awareness and treat yourself or a loved one to a Glamour Photo Session with Kika Photos.

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