Lily’s Before and After

Such a vibrant and beautiful gal. This teen portrait session in studio couldn’t have been more fun! Starting with hair and makeup was just the beginning of this glamorous pampering day . Playing with different wardrobes and finishing with some fantasy fine art photos to create images that depict her interests. Lily is a Junior in High School, getting straight A’s and is already an aspiring Deaf Actress having starred in several TV commercials and educational films . This is her Before and After photo

Glamour Photography Before and After

This wonderful sweet lady was reluctant at first to do portraits, but it didn’t take long to until we were having fun. Would you believe she is 80+ years old? What an amazing day we had today. She let me fix her hair and make-up and she looked stunning! She wanted photos to feel proud of, who doesn’t want beautiful photos? When she got received her photos she told me she was so proud to show her friends and family. They all loved them and the best part about it is that she felt and looked gorgeous. I’m so glad that I got to give her an amazing experience of a photoshoot and hair & makeup makeover pampering. I love this lady!


Before and After Portrait

Contemporary Woman to Magazine Fashion Photography Style Look. This classy and fabulous woman was a dream to photograph! I captured professional images she wants use in her business personal branding website and lovely beauty image for herself and loved ones. Here is a before and after portrait to see the changes. Lots of fun at kikaphotos studio! Contact me to help you with personal branding head-shots for your business needs.

Before and After Glamour: Vero

It’s so exciting to have someone drive down here from L.A. to North County San Diego to specifically do a Glamour Photography Session with kikaphotos Photography Studio to surprise her husband for their anniversary. We had a great time with hair and make-up, wardrobe changes and sexy poses just for him!

Before and After Portrait Beauty

This Stylish Portrait Studio Photography Session was a blast! Our Photography Glamour Session also included a splurge of creative fun and laughter! She said, I’ll do whatever you want”, so we draped fabrics, threw tulle in the air, and pretended we were in the Gatsby’s era, anything goes at kikaphotos! Contact me and let’s plan out your dream photo session today.

Before and After

Had the pleasure to photograph Courtney in my studio this last week. She is an aspiring model with a sweet spirit. We got many great photos from this session which  I’ll post soon.


A “Before and After” shot compares the difference between coming to the studio “as your are” and your final image. Fashion style posing, beauty lighting and just plain fun results in images you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family. Anita said she was going to hang and frame them on her wall at home.


An example of a “before and after” photo of Gaby. She said the attention to her hair, make-up and the studio photo session made her feel pampered and beautiful. Gaby was on vacation with her sister Anita, the two of them alone. I can imagine what a special bond they’ve developed traveling together after so many years of raising their own families. This trip and the session was a celebration and a treat for retiring from her government job. I noticed how sweet they were to each other during the photo session,  I’m sure this trip and this session will be a memorable time in their lives.

Before and After Vero

Before and After Portrait of Vero

Before and After Portrait of Vero. Loved photography this lady. She has such a wonderful uplifting outlook on life that’s contagious. We were both having so much fun, we tried many styles of glamour and beauty that I had to do a Before and After to document the difference.

Before and After Portrait

Before and After

Before and After photo Portraits are my favorite side by side after the studio session. My clients love the beautiful change and potential clients can see what a difference it makes to have professional photos taken. These will be treasured by my client and her family. Women deserve to have beautiful portraits at any age. I will bring out your beauty in the what that my lens sees you and capture it so you Exist in photos in a beautiful way.

Before and After Portrait

Before and After Portrait

This is Melody, a smart beautiful successful lady. The fun part aside from the photographs is getting to women at all stages in life and hear their stories. Melody has been a public speaker, in the medical field and high ranking officer in MaryKay, pink cadillac and all. She even complimented me on doing her make-up! This is a Before and After Portrait, side by side, to show the difference from the moment you walk into my little studio and the Beauty Portrait that are the end results. A Beauty Photography Session is a perfect gift to give yourself, like my motto says,  Exist in Photos in a Beautiful way.