Modern Portraiture

modern portraits headshots

Modern portraiture for business headshots and personal branding portraits for your business. Personal branding your business can elevate your visibility and most importantly gain trust for your prospective clients. Contact me to talk about your business needs.

Silver Beauty Portraits

She is lovely, she is mature, she is talented and she is a sweet spirit. I know she let out her beauty as we progressed in our photo session, I captured it in her eyes and in her smile and her easy movements. Now she has beautiful wall portraits to smile at and be happy to show her husband and loved ones. Exist in photos, it’s good for the soul.

Beauty exists at every age

She is funny, she is talented and she is beautiful. Monica was a fashion designer for the theater until she suffered an accident that left her needing to spend most of her days laying down. We spent an afternoon browsing her sketches of characters and costumes. Delightful. Our photo session was carefully beautiful . As we progressed she relaxed and I could see her enjoying herself. Now she will have a lovely time to remember and she will have wall images she will love to share and treasure.


Photos just to feel beautiful. I love this photo so much and I really loved photographing this lady! Every woman deserves to feel and look beautiful in photos. You will love the, you will feel proud and beautiful every time you look at them.

Glamour Portrait

I can’t tell you enough what a joy it was to have this lady in my studio, she is the sweetest person. She decided it was time to get some new portraits done where she could feel beautiful in and to have photos to share with her family. What a beautiful gift! I styled her hair and did a makeover for the shoot. So Fun!

Before and After Glamour Photos: Women need to exist in photos in a beautiful way

I truly believe every woman needs to have a beautiful portrait of herself. It’s my passion to create beautiful photos that will be treasured by my client and her family and friends. Take time out to be pampered and have fun for one day playing the model of your dreams in magazine style portraits that you’ll fall in love with who you are and you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Professional Beauty Photography

Professional Beauty Photography

As a Professional Beauty photographer in the North County of San Diego, I love to bring out the beauty of each and every client.It’s a combination of clothing and color of clothing, hair and makeup and understanding which poses looks best for my present client. I look for beauty through my lens and try different styles, poses with my easy direction. Contact me to plan your Beauty Session, Be beautiful now, Exist in Photos.

Magazine Style Photo

Anyone can look great with the right poses. At Kika Photos Studio I strive to bring out the best in you with Fashion Magazine Style Poses. In this photo Courtney could be the new model the front cover of a magazine with this Magazine Style Photo.

Beauty Photography Collage

Beauty Photography is my passion, which inspires me to give my clients beautiful photos of themselves. I took two photos of Courtney from her Beauty Session and made a collage to depict her love for dancing.

Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir Photography by Kika Photos

Kika Photos specializes in Women’s Portraiture. Glamour photography and Beauty Photo Sessions bring out the person and the beauty I see through my camera lens. Contact me and I will create beautiful images for you and your loved ones to treasure.

Magazine Style Photo

Kika Photos Portrait Studio located in San Diego North County offers Magazine Style Photo shoots. I guide you with posing and make the session not only fun but professional. You will love your images and so will your loved ones.

Creative Studio

creative composite mermaid

Composite photography is the next step for a Creative Photo Session, a Dream Fantasy Photoshoot. I take an idea and create a composite in photoshop to present to you a fantasy wall portrait. A Creative Composite is unique and original, a treasure, a legacy that definitely become the center of conversation and admiration.

Women of all Ages Portraits

Simply Beautiful

Women are beautiful. I specialize in Women of all ages portrait photography. Women of all ages come to my studio and leave feeling beautiful. I create images in my studio that they will be proud to share because it changes the way each woman sees herself from that moment forward.

Fantasy Photography

Forest Fantasy

Creating Fantasy Photography themes with props becomes Queen of the Forest. Handmade props and a little fabric becomes magic in Kika Photos Studio. If you or I have an idea, we will try it, it’s a challenge and out of the ordinary, the way I like it. Here Vero was game to try an idea I had for a Forest Fantasy shot, which became a favorite of mine.

Fun and Beautiful

Fun and Beautiful

A Photo Session at Kika Photos is Fun and the results are Beautiful! It’s a day just for you; to get your hair and makeup done and to have fun, feel beautiful and look fabulous.  You will be happy with the final images and will look beautiful on your wall at home.


Feminine Beauty

Feminine Beauty

Women have many facets to their character, one of those is being Feminine. It’s so much fun to bring this side of women out in photos. It’s fun to play in Tutus also!

Sisters, always friends

These two sisters were so fun to photograph. Having families back home they enjoyed spending time just the two of them together on this trip to San Diego. These portraits will be priceless to their families and treasured by each other in the years to come.

Sisters, your very first childhood friend and second mom. These two traveled together from South America to visit relatives in San Diego. One is a free spirit and the other is slightly more reserved, a wonderful combination for sisters. You decide who is who. They said “we know we are different, but we respect and love each other”. Sister portraits, it’s a gift to each other.

Sweet and Sexy

What better gift for your groom-to-be or loved one than a glamour photo session that portrays you right now? In the comfort of a private studio we can create images that are sweet and sexy just for him.

A bride is always beautiful

A blushing bride is so beautiful. The emotion of a soon to be bride is so sweet and in my studio we can take our time to capture the those feelings of what the future will bring.

Soon to be a Bride

In a calm relaxed studio we took the time to create a bridal portrait, away from the busy wedding day. What a beautiful presentation to give your groom and yourself. Either bring your wedding gown or we’ll create one, like we did with this soon-to-be-bride.

For the Love of music

She told me she remembers being sick in bed when she was 5 years old and the only thing that made her feels better was her Mom singing to her. She knew then that music would be her passion. What a beautiful memory that inspired a young girl to become the talented singer that she is today. I wanted a portrait that would sing on photographic paper of her passion.

Photo Collage of a Beauty Photography Session

What fun to combine a few photos with the same theme and create a collage. These combinations are great for when it comes to selecting a large Fine Art Wall Portrait for your home. I have many elegant ideas, take a look at the Investment page to see what I offer in Products .

Natural Beauty Photo

Lots of tulle brings out the natural beauty of a feminine spirit. Sometimes the more simple the wardrobe the more beauty shows through. Simple easy hair and light touch of make-up accomplishes that natural beauty to glow.

Fantasy Photo Shoot – Queen of Hearts

Fantasy Photo shoot

If you are up to it, I might come up with an idea for a Fantasy Photo Shoot along with your Beauty or Glamour Photo Session and you will be featured on my website! Sue was up for anything, what a wonderful attitude, thank you!

Feminine and Beautiful Poses

Simply Beautiful

There is beauty in simple poses which focuses on the mood and gracefulness of the feminine side of any woman. I will bring out the beauty I see and I’ll show you that beautiful side of you. I’ll guide you how to move, how to place your hands and what to wear.

Vintage Photo Look

Creativity is fluid, you start out with an idea and suddenly it invites you to explore other possibilities. We began with the mermaid idea and photographed different poses and then it took one look from Amy and it opened up to a different mood, I love it.

Fantasy Photo Shoot

creative composite mermaid

Nothing is stopping us from creating a fantasy photo shoot. Want to be a mermaid? No problem, I’ll bring my fabrics, handmade jewelry, use my photoshop super powers and we’ll create a fantasy world. Let me play with some ideas or let’s talk about yours ahead of time and we’ll make it happen.

Fashion Style Photography

Your are famous, you are to your family and friends, why not make be on a magazine cover. At Kika Photos the possibilities are endless with some Fashion Style Photos. We will choose the perfect pose to appear on a magazine cover just like the real models.

Just for him

Boudoir Photography can be fun and sexy with just his shirt! Vero was a blast to photograph not only did she let me try different style but she came with some ideas she wanted to try as well. I’m always open to new ideas and creating something that is something my client has in mind.

Boudoir Fun Session

Boudoir Photography by Kika Photos

Boudoir Photography doesn’t have to mean wearing lingerie , it can be a husband’s leather jacket or his favorite shirt. It’s not only so much fun to create these personal meaningful photos but also it’s fun to present these gifts to your someone special .

More Photos

Black and White photography

Black and White Photography can add a pop or set a mood. Some photos lend themselves to convey better in a Black and White photo.

All that Sparkles

Gold sparkles and brings out the fun and glamour of a beauty portrait session. Hand made jewelry and dress is part of my props for Kika Photos Studio. this beautiful gal made them shine!

Beauty and Talent

Beauty and Talent

Emotion is the key to a great portrait. I gently direct each client, making them feel comfortable in front of a camera . Aida has both Beauty and Talent and she can convey different moods from her experience as a singer on stage and this inspires my imagination to come up with added effects to enhance her portrait. Creative Portraits are the perfect way to express a special emotion or passion.

Beauty Session Photography

Beauty Session Photography

This young lady is no stranger to performing on stage. She is a natural, she is animated, funny and her voice is astounding. We began this Beauty Portrait Session with some makeup and easy hair styling and then to the photo session that included my handmade jewelry and dresses, but it was Aida that shined in front of the camera! We had a lot of fun creating photos that she will cherish and make a difference in her family.